Monday, June 21, 2010

BEAUTY TIPS: Summer Makeup

Summer is the time to protect your skin from baked and dryp lips, sunburn, and even sun-scorched skin cancer. There are some makeup disasters that we do not pay close attention too. Here are a few summer makeup tips to keep you pretty as sunshine.

1) Avoid lip liner.

2) Wear only natural nude shades as lip colors while out in the heat.

3) Warm, sunny, bright blush can be used.

4) Use eyeliner pencil of slate gray, warm chocolate or navy shades with a light hand.

5) When wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes. make sure to protect the rest of your skin. Generously apply sunscreen with SPF 30 with a broad spectrum over your entire face and body.

6) Gold shimmer under brows or across cheekbones can be a luxury you can use.

7) Colors such as golden-green or mango green for eyes can be used along with black or brown mascara.

8) If you have already gotten your summer tan, use a foundation with the shade of your tanned skin to cover the areas under your eyes and blend it well with the rest of your face. Then use nude or light brown eye shadow to give them a natural look.

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