Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BEAUTY TIPS: I'm Blushing!

I've never been the blush kind of girl, but its as though I'm seeing more and more girls wearing it. Did you know that more than half the female population in the 1940s wore blush? They wore it for a healthy look, today its more of a make-up fad, yes a fad....but a cute fad. Anywho, here are some tips on how to apply rosey cheeks......

  • Choose a big fluffy brush to apply, so blush can be spread evenly
  • Choose the shade of blush that most naturally matches your skin color when you are flushed
  • Choose blush that is best for your skin texure (powder for oily skin, cream for dry skin)
  • Apply foundation before putting on blush
  • When applying blush to brush, tap lightly to get off excess powder
  • Using full sized brush, sweep upward on your cheeks (smile, this helps!)
  • If you use too much, brush over with mineral powder to calm down

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