Monday, June 14, 2010

BEAUTY TIPS: Maintaining and Protecting Hair in Heat

Today, may have been one of the hottest days in Atlanta. You walk around and either your sweating profusely from all the sweat dripping from your scalp or the humidity blows your hair up to the size of a hot air balloon. (Reminds you of a hot, crowded night of being in the club). What's even worse in sitting in car that has broken down with no air on the the side of the comment. However, this very reason has made me want to find different ways to either prevent or help this problem. Here are a few tip on how to keep your hair fly or even just decent......

  • Go to a professional to teach you and to train your hair
  • Erect a oisture barrier (anti-frizz and moisture products)
  • Investigate new products
  • Start frequent deep conditioning treatments

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