Monday, June 21, 2010

BEAUTY TIPS: When to Toss Your Makeup

It can be very unsanitary to hold on to your favorite makeup. Bacteria and oil can build up on your products. How do you know when to toss your makeup?

1) Toss your lipstick when it gets that "crayon" smell and the pigment is no longer there.

2) Toss your lipgloss when it begins to thicken. Make sure to keep your gloss in a cool, dry place.

3) Toss your powder when it starts developing a film along the surface.

4) Toss your nail polish when it becomes gooey or thick.

5) Toss your foundation if it gets clumpy and begins to separate.

6) Toss your mascara every three months.

7) Toss your blush after having it for a year. It can dry out and get stale.

8) Brush bristles can hold on to the oil from your face, so make sure to shampoo your makeup brushes to break down the grease.

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