Monday, December 20, 2010

True You Cosmetics Makes The FASHION LIST

A New Years Eve Guide in shades of Purple & Grey.
December 31st is right around the corner…you already have that Little Black Dress, but now you need to add a little panache to ring in 2011.Grab a glass of Dom & make sure your acquaintance will not be forgotten, with some of these pertinent additions.
But first, 3 tips to keep in mind:
Longing Lashes: You don’t have to look like Kim K, but NYE is always a the perfect time to wear a fake lash – go dramatic or go home.
Pimple Panic: If you wake up with a pimple, Visine can help. Apply a small amount directly to the blemish- use a small brush to stroke a bit of oil-free concealer in a circular motion around the pimple. Blend edges with a Q-tip, dab a tiny bit more of concealer on top. Finally blot very lightly with a tissue & there it is… no one will ever no that you woke up looking like Rudolf. (View Full Article) 

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