Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Makeup Brushes and their Uses

Ever purchase or received a cosmetic bag filled with make-up brushes? A lot of times, many people do not know what everything is for. Here are some quick descriptions on the general uses for these brushes:

Make-up Brushes for the Face

Foundation Brush: Used to apply liquid or mineral foundation over the face, neck, and even on the back. Also used for application as well to touch up your foundation!
• Shape: flat and long bristles that taper at the tips.

Concealer Brush: Used to apply concealer to areas of imperfection on the face. It helps cover blemishes, spots, and imperfect skin tone.
• Shape: Soft, tapered, flat sides, and slightly pointed for precise application of concealer.

Powder Brush: Used to apply loose powder over the foundation and concealer. Also used to apply a shimmer or a bronzer to the face.
• Shape: fluffy bristles that help dust out makeup to evenly distribute.

Blusher Brush: Used to apply blush or cheek color evenly over the cheeks and cheek bones.
• Shape: Either big and fluffy, or small and angled.

Make-up Brushes for the Lips

Lip brush: Help apply and blend in the lipstick with the lip liner to give a smooth and even finish to the lips. Also used to apply lip gloss to the lips.
• Shape: A fine, soft and tapered brush

Make-up Brushes for the Eyes

Eyeliner Brush: Help you line your eyes with precision, along the shape of the eye.
• Shape: An eyeliner brush is a really thin and fine brush with soft bristles.

Eyeshadow Brushes: Used to apply different shades of eye shadow to the eyes. Brushes such as: the contour brush, the lid brush, and the crease brush can be used.
• Shape: contour brush- small and angled, lid brush- small flat oval shape, crease brush- small round tapered shape

Mascara: Mascara usually comes with a sturdy brush that applies mascara evenly to the eyelashes. Some mascara brushes also come with small comb like bristles to remove excess mascara from the eyelashes.

Eyebrow Brush: An eyebrow brush gives definition and shape to the eyebrows, giving it a clear and precise arc shape.
• Shape: soft angled brush

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