Tuesday, July 13, 2010

BEAUTY TIPS: Eyeshadows

Looking for an eye shadow that will complement your eyes?? Take a look at these color selections! You may have to play around a bit to find the perfect fit!

Brown Eyes: green shades, champagne shades, bronze shades, gold shades, browns shades and blue shades are some of the color choices you can make to help your eyes pop!

Blue Eyes: Orange based shades will provide a distinguished look to blue eyes. The contrast of colors will make the color pop. Try orange-based shades such as: copper, peach, coral, bronze, and rust.

Green Eyes: Try various shades of browns. Try chocolate tones, other browns, and dark greens. Pair the shades up with copper, gold, apricot, and taupe highlighters!

Dark purples, plums with metallic hints work well also.

Grey Eyes: Grey eyes work well with burgundy, violet, and smokey purple shades. Also try deep grey, black, and deep browns to play off your light color eye.

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