Monday, May 3, 2010

BEAUTY TIPS: Eyeliner Application

We all have different shapes, including our eyes. According to the size and space proximity on our faces, eyeliner looks best when you apply it the way that fits your eyes. Here are some ways to apply liner and make it look good on YOU!

Close-Set Eyes:

Line outer third of upper lids with gray,brown, or black liner. Smudge gently. Use a lighter liner on the inner eye to widen the space between eyes.

Small Eyes:
Draw a dark line gradually thickening at outer edge of the eye. Use a
light-colored pencil (gold, silver, white) and draw under lower lash.

Deep-Set Eyes:
Line upper lash line with pale,
shimmery liner. Then line outer edge of lower lash with a soft, neutral shade (gray or taupe). This will create the illusion of a less heavy lid.

Drooping Eyes:
Line outer third of eye very close to
lashes, carefully sweeping the liner up at the corner of the eye.

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