Thursday, June 24, 2010

BEAUTY TIPS: The Working Girl

Makeup for professional women is as important as their outfit. An appropriate makeup is one that is well blended and looks minimal.

Here are a few tips and professional makeup essentials for women:

1. Use the proper tools to apply your makeup; good quality brushes make your job easier.

2. Loose powder or foundation is essential.

3. A natural-looking base gives a working girl the edge.

4. Use eyeshadows that pick up on the colours in your clothes, playing the shades down rather than up, and keep the application techniques simple.

5. Lipsticks are often most effective when they are in strong, matte shades and so are more assertive (red, burgundy, and deep or rust brown).

6. Remember to check that your nails are manicured and also add polish.

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