Monday, June 28, 2010


Last week I gave tips on how to remove your makeup, but there are some ways to keep more money in your purse and not worry about using the harsh chemicals.....KEEP IT NATURAL!

Here are some natural ways to remove your makeup....

1. Olive oil will not only remove your makeup, but it will also moisturize your skin. Smooth olive oil over your face and then wipe off with a dry soft cloth.

2. NonFat Dry Milk can be mixed with water and used as a makeup remover. Take 1 teaspoon of NonFat Dry Milk and mix with 1 cup of warm water. Using a cotton ball, apply to your face and then rinse and pat dry.

3. Cool Whip is also a product that not only cleans, but moisturizes your face. Wet your face with warm water and then apply the Cool Whip to your face, using your hand. Let sit for 5 minutes and rinse with warm water and pat dry your face. The oils in the Cool Whip is what will moisturize your face.

4. Baby wipes can be used by wiping them over your face. Baby Wipes are great for removing lipstick, blush, eye shadow and eye liner. It will even remove oil-based clown makeup.

5. If you have worn waterproof eye makeup, you know how hard it can be to remove. Johnson's Baby Shampoo will remove your eye makeup and it won't cause you to shed a tear.

6. I know we've all heard of using Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to remove our makeup and there is a reason for this. It not only cleans the makeup from your face, but it will also moisturize your skin.

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