Monday, April 19, 2010

Q&A with Jessica

Q: “What role do you play in the creation of the different cosmetics?”

A: In every way. From the product production planning, going to

manufacturer labs, planning campaign shoots, etc. I do it all.

Q: “What is a typical planning period for True You and what’s your

favorite part?

A: Everyday is something new, and it's important to have everything

planned out. I make sure I plan atleast six months ahead so I can stay

sane. My favorite part is seeing the product come to life and creating

a story and them around debuted collections.

Q: “What were the steps that you took to get the business up and


A: Since True You was started in 2003, and was sold merely throughout my father's practice, a lot of key business steps had already been

achieved before I got on this project. To get True You the way I

envisioned it to be it takes a lot of reaching out different

manufacturing companies, getting the product formulated to perfection,

and strategic product planning. Building the brand and the story is


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