Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dr. Gerald Truesdale MD

Renowned cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon Dr. Gerald Truesdale MD (pictured left) is the father and and originator of True You Cosmetics. Founded, in 2003 the cosmetic line's original purpose was to help patients' skin post surgury as a part of their full coverage insurance. The line has now fallen into his young daughter's hands, (whom you met previously) and has evolved into a a beauty cosmetic line. But the TRUE beautiful thing is, the make-up still helps and improves your skin with its vitamins and antioxidants, originally meant for plastic surgeon patients. The innovative line will host a series of cosmetic items from lip gloss to eyeshadow all themed around "true, timeless beauty." Each color collection will represent a historical standpoint within makeup history and beauty trends that have evolved throughout many generations. True You will exemplify simplified beauty and deliver the most socially responsible beauty products that are available for women of all ages. Keep your eyes open for the first timeless make-up item.......

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